Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rocking Rag

This week we celebrated our Rag. Actually last couple of months was also like rag months. Chattri hall rag was celebrated about 8 weeks ago. Then CSE day…Then Farewell from the chattri hall. Every night almost all the girls of our class stayed the night in room# 309. Almost no sleep at all. Gossip, fun, singing, dancing, jokes…words untold so far…in a word , it was like breaking barriers between the girls. We were becoming friends, more then we ever were. We were becoming more attached, may be because of the thought that, in near future there may be no touch at all. Five years... seems a long time from many viewpoints. During these years, i was eagerly waiting for this time. But now, when I look back, I understand my mothers often said words..”student life is the best time of your life, you will miss this time & these friends…forever…you may never see some of them again in your life”. I could understand her words before, but couldn’t feel it. Now I can.

This week’s program started with farewell from our department juniors of batch 04. I was surprised to see our little brothers’ spirit. In spite of their busy schedule, they arranged a program just for us. It was an informal but amazing function. It was for us, of us and by us :d . But I must include the word ‘almost’, because the idea and arrangements and some songs and an (opo)manpotro…and may be some more were their contribution (!?!?). Shafi & I acted as husband-wife :p .As Sagar forgot about the party, Shafi was chosen to give his proxy. Our sequence was to quarrel on some ‘family’ topic and I did so…but during this acting classmates found out my real face…They now believe that I am a great ‘jhograte’ :(. The last attraction was dancing. All of my classmates’ ( who were present there) dancing skills started to come out. It was the greatest fun to see the funniest moves in the world of dancing history :d …but this was just the beginning of dancing…:)

Our final rag schedule started on Wednesday 21st march. First of all photo session with our sirs (this was not on the schedule but we included it ourselves ). Then Rally. All the girls of cse wore the same saree. I rode the “ghorar gari” for the first time in my life(no level completion before…:(..). We had great great, tanima, inaba, shaila, simi & sheetal. The others were around us in rickshaws. Nawrin, mishu, sharmina were dancing (even sitting on rickshaw!!). Nawrin was so excited that we feared she would fall out of rickshaw :D. but she managed to survive somehow. Some boys were so excited that they already started throwing ‘rong’ (colour). We were scared of our new saree. Later we changed the saree and came back fully prepared to fight..and ‘rong khela’ started. I was just drowned in rong, I had rong in my mouth, in my eye, in my ear. Tanima had rong even in her nose. And boys?...i better not say anything more:P… everyone was looking horrible..i had the most horrible looking face among girls…but still we had lots of fun. Only Khaled looked a little pale, I dont know why (he told me later that he was upset because our buet life is ending …I have doubt on his words) . some girls of 06 batch were watching from distance. Someone, probably enamul, told khaled that if he can throw rong on them, he would be given a treat. Khaled (bechara) believed his words…did the brave job but got no treat..rather we scolded him for doing such immature thing (lol), as we didn’t know about the ‘treat ushkani’.

On returning home, people at the street were looking amused to see us. A man was literally scared to see me. He was crossing the road and when he was near my rickshaw he looked at my face hoping to see some beautiful girl :)… but he was scared and said “o allah..eita ki”…hahaha. It took almost an hour to clean my face at some reasonable level. Our cultural programme was gonna start but we were still looking colored …and a bit tired too. I arrived at the auditorium a little late, the function was already started. After the function we were given dinner..buet cafes roast&polao :(… May be our organizers thought that as we are leaving buet, we may never again have the chance to taste such awesome food of our café all the food items were from our café. As usual the food was great :(…so great that I could hardly eat anything (there was a delicious flavour which my stomach was refusing to receive)…then again our photo session started…this was the funniest photo session. You can see some sample at shafi’s picasa web album…but it shows very little of the actual fun we had…

Thursday was concert and Friday was graduation party (?!). The music was horrible both the days. But it is us… and so…we had fun. I am having trouble to find describes those days. Dancing, singing, altogether…I couldn’t understand a word of what the band were singing…we were just dancing on the beat..dancing …and dancing and dancing….some great dancing skills were found during these days..mishu(full of energy..who never gets tired ) ..gaurab (the coolest first boy ever)..player rasel (he is my friend from school..but I didn’t know that this ‘atel’ can move so well:D). some obvious great dancers..iftee..nawrin..sazzad…rasel(not player rasel, the other one)…jeeshan…I am missimg names here…both rasels are the greatest dancing partners…I had the greatest fun in dancing with them. Dollar….oh my god…shakira is nothing compared to him.Tanvir...a professional..steps are so well and fast that we couldnt move our eyes. And above all..the girl, tanima, shantonu, shaila, sheetal..manabi ,mishu, nawrin,sharmina,nusrat…ohh…I am just speechless…I know that the boys were amazed to see the dancing talents of us ;). I danced with sagar for the first time :)..although i've danced with many other too:P The only standing and non-dancing person(surrounded by hundred of people dancing and going crazy) these two days was enamul…I don’t know how he managed to do that impossible job…

It was a great great rag…although I am very annoyed with the organizers..they did all the arrangements to spoil our fun…but still..we rocked…

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My First Post

Hai everyone

Welcome to my blog. I waited long for opening my blog. Coz I never felt the need to write something about me. I never tried to know myself yet. I’ve always thought that I know myself. I thought that everyone else knows me very well. There is nothing ever too hard or too complex about me. I felt like an open book. I really felt it. I saw my friends and close one also thinks like that. I never really wanted to be a mysterious girl who has many other worlds hidden inside her heart. “Woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets” – is it really? I never felt so (But I obviously have seen some pretending (?!?) so) . I’ve visited many of my friends blogs. Some I enjoyed very much. Some I didn’t. Some surprised me… who is this person? Do I actually know him? They are not like this at all. Then what is the need for trying to be so poetic? I even found an answer. It makes you look good, it makes you popular, and therefore, it makes you feel good. Then one day I visited one of my friend Dipu’s blog. It was awesome. Dipu is the funniest person I’ve ever seen. And far more important, he is very warm and never pretends anything. I read his blog stories and for the first time I felt…this is something really cool. Dipu, in his blog, is just as he is in person. Then I felt like opening my blog also :$ . Although , obviously, I am not so cool like Dipu, not even close. But I felt like writing what I feel, not what anybody else wants me to feel. I felt like writing what I like, not what others would like to read. So, thank you Dipu. Thanks to all who would read my first blog.

Again I waited long, this time to write my first blog. I was very busy and stressed. I wanted my first blog to be real funny and jolly, becoz I do like such blogs. But today I wanted to write, but I’am not in a good mood. So, bad news for the readers :D. Some of my close friends(?) tried to show me my place. They all think they know me, my ability. So, the predicted a lot of things about me. They showed me my place. First I was surprised, then I was hurt. Later I got obvious reaction... The next step, as far I know myself, was to get frustrated. But surprisingly, I didn’t. I asked myself...Is this all? Is this really my place? Do I really know what I am? Do I know what I can or cannot do?...Let’s give it a shot. Before showing others I need to show myself what I can do? And I will show. The one thing I know about myself is ..i am unpredictable. I’ve always done things which I’ve never even thought. I’ve always done things which I’ve never even dreamed of. I’ve always done things which anyone else has never thought. Then why not this time. This is not all. “This is a new beginning….:D